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Kalamazoo, MI

Kelsey Paschich is a multi-faceted dance artist and educator. Based in Kalamazoo, MI, she experiments with and creates live + digital work that explores the moving body and its relationship to technology. She uses movement as a language that makes transparent the space between dream + reality with spontaneity, juxtaposition, the element of surprise and challenges the preconceived understanding of real versus surreal. Her work often utilizes multi-media elements inspired by surrealism as the theoretical + conceptual framework. She views dance as a medium that can embolden change for a better world and can be shared across many mediums. She is a Co-Founder + Co-Director of
SHIFT | DANCE and most recently launched project whitewall, an incubator for experimentation and creation of live + digital dance. She is an Assistant Professor of Dance at Western Michigan University.

Paschich holds an MFA in Dance from the University of New Mexico and was the recipient of the National Dizzy Feet Foundation Gene Kelly Legacy Scholarship in 2016. She holds a BFA (Cum Laude) from Point Park University. Paschich received her Countertechnique® Teacher Certification in Melbourne, Australia, with founder Anouk van Dijk, in 2016. Paschich is one of seven certified teachers in the U.S. In 2018, she was commissioned by the Department of Theatre and Dance to stage her work Archetype, at the University of New Mexico. Most recently, her dance film Prototype was selected for the Screen Dance International Project Michigan 2020.

Kelsey participated in NCCAkron's 2021 Dancing Lab: Art Speaks 2.0, alongside Tara Burns, Megan Lowe, Rosy Simas, and Daiane Lopes da Silva and Weidong Yang of Kinetech Arts. The Lab was an extended dive into the relationship of artistic process, technology, and audience engagement.

Dancing Lab: Art Speaks 2.0 (2021)

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