Integrated Systems and Operations Consultant

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The National Center for Choreography at the University of Akron (NCCAkron) seeks a consultant who can provide a theoretical approach and a tactical recommendation for their integrated systems in service of the organization's operational needs. The ideal candidate is OS-agnostic - a ‘no problem’ person who can work with a team of folks who are using a mix of PC and Apple products and have varied levels of comfort with software and cloud-based platforms. Someone who can embrace a collaborative process while working with clients would be a plus! 


The desire is to provide a stable technological systems foundation and infrastructure for maximum efficiency when it comes to storage, functionality, and security.  NCCAkron believes this to be a necessary step before simply adding more applications or software platforms. The organization currently consists of 2 full time employees and 6-8 part-time/ freelance/ contractor members of the team, over the course of a year - often working in a decentralized environment from coast-to-coast. NCCAkron seeks a plan and the infrastructure to scale their working process up or down as needed in the years to come. They need to be able to seamlessly add contractors and staff to the systems and remove / switch users easily. Below is a list of current state systems and places.  In addition to evaluating if this is the right mix, the consultant also needs to provide training / or training solutions to get the team immersed and working in the programs at a highly functional level. 



Platforms currently in use / how it’s being used 

GSuite / Email, Storage and filing, calendaring, 

Slack / Communication

QuickBooks / Accounting 

Harvest / Time Tracking (not actively using)

DocuSign / Artist and Vendor contracts (incoming)

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Canva / Graphic Design

Wix / Website and Email Marketing

Square / Point of Sale and/or Donations

Zoom / Communication and Programming

Survey Monkey


Types of platforms desired: 

  • Password management (1Password)

  • Video Management (Vimeo) 

  • Electronic payment to contractors and artists that fits within GAAP standards


Our Budget for this work is $5,000. We are interested in understanding how you might structure a mix of time dedicated to developing your approach as well as implementation and training. Additionally, we wish to understand if you might accomplish the full scope yourself or if you will subcontract / make recommendations for training. 



If interested in engaging in this project with our team, please complete this FORM. For any questions or clarifications, please contact Jennifer Edwards at jennifer@ilikebetter.com.


Our process and timeline:

  • Submission period will be open from Sept. 21 - Oct. 27, 2020

  • Review process will take place on a rolling basis, concluding on Nov. 10, 2020

  • We will then have conversations with, depending on the compatibility of candidates, 3-5 consultants. 

  • Notification of final selection will be on Nov. 17th and work will commence thereafter. 


NCCAkron is committed to being an artist-centered organization that actively works to embody antiracist and equitable practices. Priority will be given to responses by BIPOC consultants and those who have lived experience in the performing arts.

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