NCCAkron’s full name is The National Center for Choreography at The University of Akron. (Please note the capital “The” before “University”.) Our short form is “NCCAkron” (all one word, no hyphens or other punctuation).

Our official logo is the horizontal lockup seen here. Links and instructions to download are at the bottom of the page.


Be sure to provide adequate space around the logo to maintain its legibility and integrity. The amount of space is proportional to the size of the logo — 1/4 the height of the mark is the minimum, as seen below (indicated by "x"):


Please don't compromise the overall look of the logo by rotating, skewing, stretching, squashing, or otherwise altering or distorting the image.


We have a range of colors available. Please choose the color scheme that will be most legible for your purposes!


Click a link below. A new window will open. Click the download icon in the upper right hand corner of the new window.


Web-ready format:

NCCAkron Logo Orange.png

NCCAkron Logo Blue.png

NCCAkron Logo Green.png

NCCAkron Logo Gray.png

NCCAkron Logo White.png

Photoshop-ready format:

NCCAkron Logo Orange.psd

NCCAkron Logo Blue.psd

NCCAkron Logo Green.psd

NCCAkron Logo Gray.psd

NCCAkron Logo White.psd

If you have any questions, please email communications@nccakron.org. 

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