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Minneapolis, MN

Photo by Aaron Rosenblum

Kaz K Sherman's work incorporates her background in dance, writing, theater, music, and the handyman arts. Hands-on in all aspects of her work, she choreographs and performs, builds sets and props, designs sound and video, and writes text. Her investigations in craft and visual art, including glassblowing, woodworking, and sculpture, illuminate how the body extends to and through other materials, culminating in an interdependent world where objects elucidate bodies, choreography is language, and words become tools. Her work has been presented by Walker Art Center, P.S. 122, CAP UCLA, PICA/TBA Festival, Fusebox Festival, The Chocolate Factory Theater, Hair+Nails Gallery, Roman Susan, American Realness, The Southern Theater, Diverseworks, Movement Research, Highways Performance Space, ODC, and many others. Honors include the 2020 Herb Alpert Award in Dance; a 2016-2017 Hodder Fellowship at Princeton University; McKnight Foundation Fellowships in Choreography and Dance; a NY Dance and Performance "Bessie" Award; multiple MacDowell Fellowships; and residencies with Vermont Performance Lab, Movement Research, ADI/Lumberyard, and the Bogliasco Foundation program in Liguria, Italy. She's been a freelance stage technician, technical director, and production manager for over 25 years. In conjunction with her show Soft Goods (2016), which explored work, death, loss, and the occupational self-obliteration of stagehands, she partnered with Behind the Scenes to create a mental health/chemical dependency counseling fund specifically for technical production workers. Since 2020, she's been working in COVID healthcare support, helping to run testing and vaccinations sites across MN.

Creative Residency (2023)

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