Accepting the helm in 2016, I found this to be a liberating invitation and continue to acknowledge the tremendous privilege afforded to focus on process over product. NCCAkron invites artists, as well as dance enthusiasts, to ask new questions to challenge what we think we know and how we all make dances. I invite you to explore the Center virtually, starting with our history, team, board, and partners.

NCCAkron was founded to support the research and development of new work in dance by: 

  • strengthening the national dance  ecosystem as an anchor development space for dance;

  • exploring the full potential of the creative process in dance  and all its forms

  • serving as a catalyst for artistic, cultural, and community advancement and enrichment.

Dance on.

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Our Timeline

Take a trip through our past starting with what we're doing today.


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Meet Our Board


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Our Village

We acknowledge that it ‘takes a village’ to grow a national center  and we could not accomplish our goals without the support, involvement, and enthusiasm of our committed supporters and funders. NCCAkron is proud to partner with the following foundations and organizations.


NCCAkron’s social media and its monthly digital newsletters share inspiration, opportunities and insight on what’s happening at the Center and in the field.

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Photo credits: Christy Bolingbroke photo by Neil Sapienza. Timeline photos by Dale Dong, Katherine Helen Fisher, Eric Carter and Christi Welter.