“Ultimately, we have an opportunity to impact the future of dance and make creative residencies transformational for the artist and the art form.”


- NCCAkron Executive & Artistic Director Christy Bolingbroke

Developed to provide resources for dance makers to think, create and be inspired, the National Center for Choreography - Akron was founded in 2015 with lead funding from the Knight Foundation after a rigorous study led by local dance presenter DANCECleveland


Located at The University of Akron in the heart of Northeast Ohio, a region recognized for its natural beauty and innovative spirit, The Center provides dance makers and their collaborators with a wide array of research opportunities, working spaces, resources and — perhaps most importantly — unencumbered time to think and create. 


NCCAkron’s home at UAkron offers seven world-class dance studios, two black box theaters, two mainstage theaters, on-campus scene and costume shop expertise, and collaborative research opportunities with scholars and specialists. 


The National Center for Choreography supports the research and development of new work in dance by:


• Exploring the full potential of the creative process in dance and all its forms.


• Serving as a catalyst for artistic, cultural and community advancement and enrichment.


• Strengthening the national dance ecosystem as an anchor development space for dance.


Northeast Ohio is anchored by Lake Erie and surrounded by an “emerald necklace” of parks. Its history is rooted in art, technology, and innovation. It is home to seven colleges and universities, numerous world-class arts and cultural organizations, and a community that is interested and supportive of dance.

“If dance is to thrive, it’s essential to have residency spaces coupled with a full range of support for choreographers. We first envisioned northeast Ohio with its enormous cultural, research and physical space resources, and The University of Akron with its state-of-the-art dance studios, as having the potential to fill this gap. It is thrilling to see this vision take shape and help answer a critical need in the dance ecosystem.”


 - Pam Young , Executive Director, DANCECleveland

Founding Board President at The National Center for  Choreography at The University of Akron

BODYTRAFFIC, 2017 Dancing Lab Resident Artist, in Richard Siegal's o2Joy. Photo by Christopher Duggan.

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