Dancing Labs are residency environments that bring together two or more artists who normally do not have the time or privilege to be in dialogue. A Dancing Lab is a space for rigorous play and positive failure around an issue, idea, or field-wide trend.

The Dancing Lab model helps NCCAkron subvert the prevailing lottery system approach to supporting artists. Connecting across geographical distances and subsidizing creative time without an expectation of a final product, artists share their working knowledge with each other and develop new ideas through body-based studio practice, personal introspection, and group reflection. 


Thank you for applying for our upcoming Dancing Lab!

Applications for Dancing Lab: Art Speaks 2.0 are now closed. Notifications will be sent to all candidates by April 26. Thank you for your time and effort in submitting.

NCCAkron, S3 Technologies (Akron, OH), and Kinetech Arts (San Francisco, CA) will lead an experimental, virtual Dancing Lab from May 5 to July 7, 2021. Artists will explore the use of augmented reality and its potential to expand their existing audience engagement practices. This laboratory is 100% remote (virtual) and will not require artists to travel to Akron for participation.


Three (3) will be selected on the following merits:

- Ability to attend four (4) weekly sessions held on Wednesdays; 4pm-6pm Eastern Time from May 5 - July 7

- Clear and established artistic voice - Existing practice of engaging audiences

- Open-minded and curious approach to investigating technological integration

- Geographic variance


Artists will receive a $1000 stipend and up to $500 in technical assistance support.

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Centers the creative development of and networking among Black-identified, male choreographers. Through the thought partnership of Charles O. Anderson (Austin, TX), cohort members Jean Appolon (Boston, MA), Kevin Lee-Y Green (Wilmington,NC), and Dominic Moore-Dunson (Akron, OH) investigate the interconnectedness of their work, processes, and identities.


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Photo credits: Cunningham: Mike Crupi; Screendance: Dale Dong Photography.