Dancing Labs are residency environments that bring together two or more artists who normally do not have the time or privilege to be in dialogue. A Dancing Lab is a space for rigorous play and positive failure around an issue, idea, or field-wide trend.

The Dancing Lab model helps NCCAkron subvert the prevailing lottery system approach to supporting artists. Connecting across geographical distances and subsidizing creative time without an expectation of a final product, artists share their working knowledge with each other and develop new ideas through body-based studio practice, personal introspection, and group reflection. 

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Physically Integrated - AXIS and Dancing
Copy of 20170729_211652.jpg
BLKMENMOVES Charles O. Anderson, Jean Appolon, Kevin Lee-Y Green, and Dominic Moore Dunson
A woman in a dark blue leotard dances in
Expansion of Labs - Screendance (2018) -
Sujata Goel (Jasper Haynes).jpg
Cultural Diplomat Lab - Ariel Freedman,
Native Intelligence - CKM & Artists at N
First Dancing Lab artists from BODYTRAFF

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Photo credits: Cunningham: Mike Crupi; Screendance: Dale Dong Photography.