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Dancing Lab: Mga Tsismosa | 2023

NCCAkron and Daring Dances join forces for Dancing Lab: Mga Tsismosa, a cohort from across the country engaging with similar questions regarding queer Filipinx-American diaspora, social justice and performance studies. Al Evangelista (Cleveland, OH), Jay Carlon (Los Angeles, CA), Marie Lloyd Paspe (Brooklyn, NY), and Anito Gavino (Philadelphia, PA) gathered for a week of dancing, cooking, conversation, play and more. Mga Tsismosa began on Philippines Independence Day, and this collaboration extended NCCAkron and Daring Dances' shared ethos of embracing experimentation, exchange, and possibility at the core of dance/dance making while also supporting a diverse artistic discourse within and beyond the Midwest.


Photos (clockwise from top left): Al Evangelista (Carlos Funn), Jay Carlon (Marissa Mooney), Anita Gavino (courtesy of the artist), and Marie Lloyd Paste (courtesy of the artist). 

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