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NCCAkron knows that artists/companies each have their own creative process. With the space, time, and resources we can invite individual artists/companies to co-design a residency experience unique to their needs. The following represents general ways in which we support artists in their research, dreaming, development, and creation of dance-based work.


Creative Residencies

Creative Residency - Ashwini Ramaswamy w

Offer development resources for artists to experiment, play and explore the realization of new work, usually in a studio.

Technical Residencies

Carrie Hanson & The Seldoms.png

Provide the opportunity for artists to focus on technical or theatrical aspects of new work.

Research Residencies

Untitled 1.png

Provide longitudinal support to artists for research and experimentation through access to thinkers in other fields.

Satellite Residencies

Satellite Residency -Charles O. Anderson

Reach beyond traditional limitations of time, space, and place to support artists wherever they are to continue their choreographic research.

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Photo credits: Creative Residencies: W. Tanner Young; Technical Residencies: Jonny Riese

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