Low-Residency Dance Writing | 2017-18

Beginning in May 2017, NCCAkron Executive/Artistic Director Christy Bolingbroke and choreographer Tere O'Connor (NYC/Champaign-Urbana, IL) co-designed a Low-Residency Dance Writing Lab to be hosted by NCCAkron. This year-long experiment connected a cohort of 5 dance writers: Sima Belmar (Berkeley, CA), Betsy Brandt (St. Louis, MO), Katy Dammers (Philadelphia, PA), Benedict Nguyen (New York, NY), and Lauren Warnecke (Chicago, IL). Dancing Lab: Low-Residency Dance Writing allowed dance writers to dialogue directly with artists and embrace "a position of passionate proximity" (Low-Res Dance Writer Sima Belmar).

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The below video and text pairings are the result of an experiment by the five writers who were part of NCCAkron's Low-Residency Dance Writing Lab from 2017-2018. 

This experiment had the following structure: each writer identified a publicly-available dance video clip, either performance or rehearsal, online. They then wrote 300 words in the format and style of their choosing to complement and illuminate the video.

This project was driven by questions including: how do we allow writing and dance to be in dialogue? Is it possible to engage with text and performance — to read and to watch — at the same time? How can a time-based art coexist alongside a fixed one?


In order to experience the results of this experiment, you are invited to press "play" on the video and scroll through the text. Take your own time to engage with both pieces of work, and explore further by clicking on the links underneath each video. And if you have feedback, email us!


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