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Dancing Lab: Art Speaks 2.0 | 2021

From May-July of 2021, NCCAkron, S3 Technologies (Akron, OH), and Kinetech Arts (San Francisco, CA) led an experimental, virtual Dancing Lab exploring the use of technology in dance and its potential to expand audience engagement practices.


The artist cohort comprised Tara Lee Burns (Columbus, OH), Megan Lowe (San Francisco, CA), Kelsey Paschich (Kalamazoo, MI), and Rosy Simas (Minneapolis, MN). 


Photo of Kinetech Arts in AI Sensorium by Weidong Yang. 


From July 13-August 17, NCCAkron highlighted the intersection of dance and technology each week on Instagram. Participants posted their own research using the hashtag #TechTuesdays — everything from augmented reality record players to silicone heartbeats. Head to NCCAkron's Instagram account (@nccakron) and scroll to learn more!

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