How can augmented reality offer deeper insight into the lives of artists?

As part of an exploration into interactive technology and dance, NCCAkron has begun creating Art Speaks. This platform directly connects formal headshots — often present in hard-copy promotional material and show programs — to digital content that's personal, engaging, and familiar. Through Art Speaks, dancers can share their stories in their own words.

To test the experience of Art Speaks (beta) online here you'll need two devices — e.g., your phone and computer.


1. Click this link in a mobile browser

2. Hold up your phone's camera to the image on this page

3. Enjoy the video from Rashaun + Silas!

Art Speaks is made possible in part by an ArtsNEXT grant from the Ohio Arts Council in 2018 and New Territory, LLC., and was beta-tested at the Technology Playground at Dance/USA's 2019 Annual Conference in Cleveland. 

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