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Santa Cruz, CA

Photo by Bobby Gordon

Marina Magalhães is a border-crosser, bridge-builder, and dance-maker from Brazil currently living on Ohlone land. Her choreography has been called “stirring... hypnotic” by the Los Angeles Times and “riveting... a physical and emotional feat” by South Africa’s Creative Feel Magazine. A recipient of MAP Fund, National Performance Network, and California Arts Council grants, amongst others, Magalhães has shared her work in theaters, museums, nightclubs, and living rooms around the world – including The Ford (LA), Bowery Ballroom (NYC), and Hamburger Bahnhof (Berlin). Magalhães was based on Tongva Land (LA, CA) for seventeen years, where she spearheaded many initiatives dedicated to sharing dance as a tool for racial and healing justice, like the popular Dancing Diaspora platform she ran in partnership with Pieter Space & local artists in 2017-2021. Her current Creative Capital Award-winning project, Body as a Crossroads, seeks to generate listening practices of body, spirit, and land so as to mobilize dance as change-making praxis. Magalhães earned her BA in World Arts & Cultures/Dance from UCLA and her MFA in Dance from University of the Arts. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Dance at the Department of Performance, Play & Design at UC Santa Cruz.

Creative Administration Research (2024)

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