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Cleveland, OH

MegLouise is a Cleveland-based interdisciplinary artist whose work centers physical experience and participatory action. She creates interactive installations, digital portraits, and coded rule sets that highlight agency within a given system. Viewers are included in the work through creation, activation, and distribution. Her work addresses the manipulation of bodies in contemporary culture, with a social practice that extends beyond formal exhibition to the homes,workplaces, and public spaces of participants as necessary. She uses new media as "a laboratory of resistance."

Her work includes Cloud of Whiteness (2017), an installation and performance piece presented at SPACES Gallery in Cleveland as part of the exhibit The First 100+ Days, comprised of Ohio-based artists' responses to the initial phase of Donald Trump's presidential term; The Longest Walk, which creates temporary installations as a form of public monument honoring women who have led resistance groups throughout history, and was developed during the 2016 Republican Convention in Cleveland; and Scores for Distributed Dancing, a public game of algorithmic dance play.

Young came to NCCAkron in August 2018 as part of a Dancing Lab Residency exploring embodiment and archival practice with RAWdance (San Francisco), Jonah Bokaer (Hudson, NY), and Holly Bass (Washington, DC).

Dancing Lab: Embodied Archive (2018)

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