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"Filled with exquisite insights, Shifting Cultural Power demonstrates what we can do to transform curatorial practices toward our shared destinies. Hope Mohr explores the uneven terrain of dance presenting to take on white privilege and attest to the life-affirming rewards of artivism. Written with a smart, raw, confessional tone, this book includes practical strategies for reshaping the terms of live art presenting. Essential reading, and affirmation that how we move through the world matters, onstage and off."

- Thomas DeFrantz (Director, SLIPPAGE: Performance|Culture|Technology; Founding Director, Collegium for African Diaspora Dance)


Part documentation, part workbook, Shifting Cultural Power offers compelling insight for artist-activist leaders. Hope Mohr reflects on her ten years at the helm of the Bridge Project and the organization's shift into distributed leadership. Originally focused on creating critical exchange within the Bay Area dance community, the Bridge Project evolved to become a home for national discourse around the performing arts and activism. Mohr describes a decade of artist-centered curation, the evolution of the operating context, and her decision to move control of the organization to distributed leadership.

Shifting Cultural Power is available now from The University of Akron Press. Use code nccakron30 to take 30% off the list price.

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