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Philadelphia, PA / Ypsilanti, MI

Meg Foley is a queer dance artist, educator, and parent who creates performances and somatic-based events using movement, design, and choreographic thinking as self-affirming practices: gender expression, sexuality, desires, and connection to others. Her current research examines gay families, trans families, and how we are formed; and the somatic, emotional, and psychic resonance of intersecting embodiments of parenting, queerness, gender, and belonging. She investigates rocks, body heat, spirituality, and how we gestate ourselves in our distinct lineages: cultural, genetic, material. Her practice is daily, improvisational, and builds detailed movement vocabularies out of scientifically-engaged research and lived experience. Her artistic collaborations and teaching perspectives focus on finding and honing emergent forms of communication, collective growth, and sustainable patterning, e.g. co-curation of Tender Hotel, a 24-hour virtual hotel hosting rooms facilitated by 100+ international artists as part of Art Station Foundation’s and CounterPulse’s Grand re Union, and an upcoming NCCAkron Dancing Lab exploring how artistic and parenting practices overlap with fellow artist parents. She grew up in the DC area, was a creative movement baby who grew up to do a lot of club dancing, studied visual art and dance, and now is a queerdo mama, based between Philadelphia and Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Research Residency (2022)

Dancing Lab: Artist Parents (2022)

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