Let's push past the boundaries of time, place and space! Our latest experiment, Residency-in-a-Box, offers tools encouraging rigorous play, positive failure, and operating from abundance. 

These limited-run packages range from $50-$60, and buyers designate proceeds to 1 of

5 organizations doing equity work in dance. 

More details and how to purchase one for yourself (or someone else) at nccakron.org/box.


Virtual Dance Club

Based on our in-person Dance Club that occurred in 2018, VDC will continue the goal of cultivating curiosity in individuals who have little to no experience with dance.


Attend a virtual event to watch dance online together, and participate in an informal discussion that will deepen your own engagement and understanding of the art form and develop your critical lens.

Enrollment for August 13/14 and 27/28 is now open!

Image includes a photograph of NCCAkron Research Residency artist  John Heginbotham's Twin.

Ideas in Motion

This spring, NCCAkron welcomed some of the most exciting dance artists working today (pictured here) to The University of Akron and online to teach in a new survey series called 21st Century Dance Practices.

This series is the first part of Ideas in Motion — a new collaboration between ​The University of Akron School of Dance, Theatre, and Arts Administration ​(DTAA), The University of Akron Foundation, and the Mary Schiller Myers Lecture Series in the Arts. 

Inside The Dancer's Studio

Come Inside The Dancer’s Studio with NCCAkron’s Executive/Artistic Director Christy Bolingbroke and visiting artists! This series of talks with dance makers explores creativity, the craft of choreography, and navigating an artistic career. 

Participating artists include Samantha Speis (New York), Brian Brooks (New York), Guillaume Gabriel (France), Raja Feather Kelly (New York) — all four pictured here in conversation with Bolingbroke — as well as Mustapha Braimah (Ghana/Ohio/North Carolina), Nicole Klaymoon (San Francisco), and Taja Will ​(Minneapolis), and more. 



The next generation of great American choreographers needs space and time to develop the craft and explore the full potential of the creative process. The new National Center for Choreography at the University of Akron will fill that need, building on the resources of northeast Ohio to create works that inspire tomorrow's audiences.


— Alberto Ibargüen,

President of the Knight Foundation


If dance is to thrive, it's essential to have residency spaces coupled with a full range of support for choreographers. We first envisioned northeast Ohio with its enormous cultural, research, and physical space resources, and the University of Akron with its state-of-the-art dance studios, as having the potential to fill this gap. It's thrilling to see this vision take shape and help answer a critical need in the dance ecosystem. 

— Pam Young

Executive Director of DANCECleveland and Founding Board President at NCCAkron


The University of Akron is the region's most influential public research university, contributing to the resurgence of the local economy, providing a workforce highly trained in diverse disciplines, and known for an innovative approach to higher education. 

UA provides students with life-long skills, internships and co-ops, opportunities for academic research, education abroad, and service projects for diverse groups of learners. 

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