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NCCAkron and Dance Film SF Release Two Dance Films Created in Akron, OH

"Chrysalis" (top) and "But First..." (bottom) have been released for free online as a Giving Tuesday thank-you to NCCAkron's local and global communities. 

Both films were shot and produced along Akron’s Towpath Trail in 2018 as part of the Dancing Lab: Screendance residency created by NCCAkron and Dance Film SF (DFSF) with lead support from the Akron Civic Commons. “Chrysalis” was created by choreographer Nicole Klaymoon in collaboration with Tigre Bailando and Micah 'Just Jamz' Abbrey and filmmaker Morgan Wise. “But First…” was created by choreographer Mike Esperanza and filmmaker Erin Brown Thomas with Red Point Digital on production.

This program built local connections outside Akron’s usual operations, as private homeowners and local businesses shared their resources with the film crews as they worked throughout Akron. 


“The creation of these dance films was made possible by Akronites, and their distribution was enabled by dance film festivals around the world,” says NCCAkron Executive/Artistic Director Christy Bolingbroke. “Releasing these films for free online is our way of thanking our local and global community at once, and putting a little more dance into the world.”

For more, read our press release here, and visit the Dance Film SF page.

Dancing Lab: Physically Integrated Dance

November 18-24, 2019


NCCAkron brought together AXIS Dance Company (Oakland, CA) and Dancing Wheels (Cleveland, OH) — two of the nation's premiere arts and disabilities organizations — for a Dancing Lab exploring physically integrated dance at Dancing Wheels' training center in midtown Cleveland.

AXIS and Dancing Wheels were joined by choreographers Tiffany Mills (Brooklyn, NY) and Nichole Canuso (Philadelphia, PA), who were chosen earlier this year after a national nomination and application process. 

Read our press release for more!

Demarco Sleeper and Raul Panzar of AXIS improvise with Morgan Walker of Dancing Wheels during Dancing Lab: Physically Integrated Dance.  Video by Bradford Chin of AXIS



The next generation of great American choreographers needs space and time to develop the craft and explore the full potential of the creative process. The new National Center for Choreography at the University of Akron will fill that need, building on the resources of northeast Ohio to create works that inspire tomorrow's audiences.


— Alberto Ibargüen,

President of the Knight Foundation


If dance is to thrive, it's essential to have residency spaces coupled with a full range of support for choreographers. We first envisioned northeast Ohio with its enormous cultural, research, and physical space resources, and the University of Akron with its state-of-the-art dance studios, as having the potential to fill this gap. It's thrilling to see this vision take shape and help answer a critical need in the dance ecosystem. 

— Pam Young

Executive Director of DANCECleveland and Founding Board President at NCCAkron


The University of Akron is the region's most influential public research university, contributing to the resurgence of the local economy, providing a workforce highly trained in diverse disciplines, and known for an innovative approach to higher education. 

UA provides students with life-long skills, internships and co-ops, opportunities for academic research, education abroad, and service projects for diverse groups of learners.